Many believe that happiness is something that you experience at some point in the future, after one or more accomplishments. Also, only some deserve happiness. You need to wait until you earn that degree, get that promotion, earn a certain amount of money, get married, have children, get that home with that white-picket fence in that quaint town on the edge of that park. 

One very important thing that this thought process neglects is living in the moment, enjoying the journey, stopping to smell the roses. Life is one big journey. We don’t ever actually arrive. We need to enjoy the process as we make our way through our days, our months, our years, our decades. Don’t delay happiness until some point in the future that may or may not happen.

It should also be noted that people tend to overestimate how much happier they’ll be as a result of events that they describe as positive ones as well as how much sadder they’ll be for ones that they describe as negative. Of course, exceptions occur, but, generally speaking, we’re not very accurate judges of how much of an impact these types of events will have on us.

The best way that this can be done is by practicing gratitude, engaging in this law of attraction activity, over the current state of your life and have that be your focus, not on what you don’t have and what you’re striving for. Take into account that doing this may not lead to immediate improvements in your life and in your overall happiness, but regularly practicing this law of attraction will ultimately provide untold benefits.

However, in many cases, the effect actually is immediate as many who are grateful have reported better sleep quality, a reduction in their anxiety levels and a general feeling of greater optimism for life right away. Many of these individuals also enjoy more passion and interest in exercising.

How can you practice gratitude?

One way is by, every evening, writing down and focusing on three positive things that had occurred. Even following days that might have felt like an overall struggle and during periods when this may feel like the last thing that you want to do, do this. In fact, this is when doing this is even more important. You can always find positive things, silver linings, in every day. The law of attraction also means that doing this will result in you being more apt to attract, to experience, these types of things in the future.

Also, practice gratitude as it relates to others. Thank people for ways in which they’ve helped you throughout your day, throughout your life. Thank the person who brought you your coffee in the morning. Thank a friend for taking the time to meet you for lunch. Thank your relationship partner for always being there for you. These thank yous can range from short exchanges that last seconds to put your heart and soul into a gratitude letter that you send a loved one. All of it matters.

One way to practice living in the moment, stopping to smell the flowers, is to mentally remind yourself to pause and take in experience at least once every day. You can literally stop to smell the flowers that you pass every day but had never thought to do. Also, consider sitting down and savoring that coffee without multi-tasking. No checking messages and alerts on your phone while doing so.

Take in the coffee and enjoy that experience, in and of itself. Simply enjoy the experience of living, not rushing through it in a desperate attempt to reach some goal that may or may not bring you the happiness that you desire.

What are the benefits of practicing gratitude?

The benefits of incorporating this law of attraction mindset into your life are plentiful. For one thing, thanking people who you interact with helps them view you in a more positive light and will improve your relationship with them. This law of attraction applies to relationship partners, friends, and acquaintances.

Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.

– Alphonse Karr

Your physical and emotional health will improve. Embracing this and changing your mindset has been shown to do things like lower blood pressure, reduce general aches and pains and improve immunity systems. These individuals also experience lower levels of depression and thoughts of suicide.

Those engaging in this type of law of attraction have also reported greater energy and alertness levels as they tend to be more enthusiastic and determined than they had been previously and as compared to others. These individuals also tend to recover from hardships and difficult times better.

Simply put, gratitude makes us happier. And, best of all, it’s something that you can practice now. You can even start doing it before you reach the end of this paragraph. You don’t need to wait until you finish that degree, project or other life goals to experience happiness. Be thankful for what you have in your life right now, and this will help you experience the happiness that you’d been working towards.

Also, note that gratitude is more long-lasting than those other methods for achieving happiness. For example, once you receive that significant raise, you may initially be happy, but you’ll adapt to your new lifestyle relatively quickly, and your happiness will likely dissipate much more quickly than you’d anticipated. Instead, be grateful throughout the process: before, during and after.

You may never develop into someone who no longer has a care in the world and is just deliriously happy all of the time, but you will experience a sense of long-lasting happiness that you might not have believed was possible.

Simple yet powerful morning routine

This has helped me and I hope this will help you too.